• Slovak Multitable Pro Tour 2018/19

    ITSF - Official Tournaments
  • 22 March 17:30 - 24 March 21:00
  • Slovak Multitable Pro Tour 2018/19

    Tréningové centrum FUS presents:
    Come and play on different ITSF foosball tables, watch the top players. Don’t underestimate the preparation for international ITSF tournaments and World cup 2019 :)

    DYT - Draw your table for each match.

    2x Bonzini / Garlando / Leonhart / Roberto sport / Rosengart / Tornado

    ENGLISH VERSION ...with patience you become master

    OPEN Dvojice a jednotlivci (Doubles and singles)
    JUNIOR Dvojice a jednotlivci (Doubles and singles)
    WOMEN Dvojice a jednotlivci (Doubles and singles)
    AMATEUR Dvojice a jednotlivci (Doubles and singles)

    2 BALL ROLLERBALL (Doubles)

    TÍMOVÁ SÚŤAŽ (Team event)*

    *Len pre členov FUS (Only for FUS members)

    The team constist of 6 players from same country (or Slovak registered club). We will play each match for 40 balls, as it was used on last European league championships 2017 (ECL).

    OBMEDZENIA HRY (Game constraints)
    The combination to play Open events with women, juniors and other events is allowed.

    Any unqualified Pro player of Open doubles, who wants to take part of amateur doubles, have to play with the same partner from qualification. Only amateur player can choose different partner for Open and Amateur doubles.

    (Prize money are valid if this minimum players are registered):
    16 OD / 16 OS / 6 JD, JS / 6 TEAMS

    (The competitions will start and the points will count only, if there si minimum players/teams registered):
    12 OD / 20 OS / 4 WD, JD

    Pro ranking system for the Slovak players: Open (FUS Top 50 / ITSF Top 200), Women (Pro in Open / ITSF W-Top 150), Junior (Pro in Open / ITSF J-Top 100). All other Slovak players are Amateurs. Only Slovak players may be considered Amateurs. All foreign players are considered Pro players. In Mixed doubles competition, men players are seeded according to the open ranking and women players according to the women ranking. To be a Junior, a player has to be born in 2001 or later.