• Tafelvoetbal Toernooi: Open Doubles

    Open For All Tournament (Non-Official)
  • 16 December 19:00 - 16 December 22:30
    Hosted by:
  • Club Foos Open Doubles of the season 2017-2018!

    - The entree fee is €5.00 per person (€3 prize money, €2 club fee).

    - 19:30 registration, 20:00 the tournament starts (don't be late).
    - Swiss system: 5 or 6 qualification rounds 'til 7 points (6-6 is a draw, 1 timeout only).

    - After qualifications: Top-8 teams go to the pro bracket, top 9-16 teams go to amateur bracket.

    - All KO matches in ALL categories will be played in a BEST OF 3 format. The only exceptions are the semi-finals and final of the Pro bracket, which are played in a best of 5 format. Everybody has the standard 2 time-outs per game in the KO rounds.

    - Prizes: Winners of amateurs get a beer. Winner of Pro's takes all prizemoney.

    - Due to internet problems, a livestream is impossible for now. We will upload the recorded matches on youtube later on!

    - Please help us quicken the tournament process by instantly reporting the result to the tournament staff. We would like to finish before 23:59 to prevent unwanted hangovers ;)

    - Please play fair and have fun.

    Club foos loves you all ♥

    Club Foos championship points:

    1st place: 30 points
    2nd place: 20 points
    3rd place: 15 points
    4th place: 10 points
    5-8th place: 5 points

    Club Foos Open series:
    Every 1st Saturday of the month we play an open singles event, while every 3rd Saturday there's an open doubles event.