• Tuesday Foosball Training day at Anglia Grove

    Open For All Tournament (Non-Official)
  • 20 February 18:30 - 22:30
  • Hello Foosball Fans,

    Tuesday is now offcially training day at Anglia Grove!

    The idea behind it all is you can practice much better when you have an unlimited amount of balls rather than using the coin mechasim. There is no secret on how to improve your table football game, you need to practice... which means repeating again and again the shot or pass until your muscle memory gets so good you can execute it even under pressure in a match situation.

    The purpose of "Tuesday Training" is also for players to take time to talk to each other on how to improve their techniques, explain game plans and help each understand what works well and what doesn't. The ethos here is not to try to beat each other like in LTFC competitions but to grow so we become stronger and better players when we compete in National and International competitions.

    Tables available:

    x1 ITSF LEONHART Professional
    x1 ITSF TORNADO T3000
    x1 ITSF GARLANDO World Champion

    This is how it works:

    - Each player pays £5 freeplay table fee to the Anglia Grove.
    - No pre-booking - register on arrival.
    - All x4 tables are set on freeplay.
    - "Winner Stays On" applies if players want to play same table.

    Note: If a BFA London league team wishes to play their match on a Tuesday at Anglia Grove the home and AWAY team must pay the £5 freeplay table fee.

    Doors Open: 6pm
    Freeplay start: 6:30pm
    Freeplay end: 10:30pm

    Freeplay Table Fee: £5 per person to Anglia Grove