• Castro Beer
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  • You know that feeling when you think you’re more or less aware of everything a neighbourhood has to offer, and then you’re proven wrong? That happened to me the other night. It was by chance that I discovered Castro Beer, but boy am I glad I did!

    It only took a friend leading through some streets away from the usual places in Cais do Sodré and suddenly we were looking at a bar with live music, mismatched decoration that is an ode to the DIY spirit (wooden pallets were reused and painted to compose the bar, and wooden boxes cover up a whole wall filled with plants), and cheap beer. Even more, they have two things that are absurdly hard to find in any given bar in Lisbon these days: table soccer and darts – perfect if you’re hanging around with a couple of friends in the odd night out.

    While the live music isn’t a permanent staple (I’d recommend you check out their Facebook page), this is very chilled out place with quirky atmosphere and laid back attitude – not a super fancy place, but nonetheless a fun one. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    By Raquel Dias