• Café de Bekker
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  • Table football is a growing sport from the past, often in the Limburg cafes and around the streets. Nowadays, we also see new clubs from the Randstad and other big cities. Café de Bekker has grown with this development and is not only a concept in the Limburg league but also a training center for absolute Dutch top and even world tops!

    The highest class
    Often this association, with more than 55 active members, is referred to as a breeding pond for young talent. Café de Bekker is the home of an association for young and old who is interested in table football and everything about it. Think of the organization and the joint visit of tournaments. Café De Bekker is home to five teams playing in the NTVB competition. Three of these five even come out in the highest class.

    No less than 14 tables.
    Café De Bekker has 14 different football tables. For both the Dutch league and international competitions you can go for free here? to train In The Netherlands is played at the Topper2000 and in particular, there are Leonhart, Ullrich and Bonzini. Outside these tables you can also find the Garlando, Tornado, Roberto Sport and Fireball. There is no day left by players from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Feel free to take a look!

    Official Training Center of the International Table Soccer Federation.
    Café De Bekker is the official training center for the Dutch table football team. Among the 55 active members there are ancient vedettes, many exciting talents and even a number of established world tops.