• NYC FoosClub (PIPs)
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  • PIPS is a unique Williamsburg, Brooklyn venue that blurs the line between Table Tennis Center and Art Space.
    It also has 2 Tornado foosball table and members of NYC Foosball have meet-ups and pickup games on Sundays and also organise local tournaments.

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    (10 reviews)

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    Oliver Vilim
    8 Mai 2018
    Great Players and so nice people

    Tamara Kotnik
    5 Mai 2018

    Great place with great players. But the address is wrong, please correct it, its one word missing, that address is on other side of Brooklyn! Greetings, Tamara

    Andres Calderon
    11 April 2018
    AweSome Place to foos

    Tables are new and set on free play at a really fun laid back place. What more could you want

    Kevin Kim
    26 November 2017
    Museum of Modern Foos

    Sometimes, the best place to play on a Sunday is at a quasi-unmarked venue in BK with great art and ping pong tables. You can luckily find all that @ PIPS, plus two new t3ks.

    Loren Kulesus
    22 November 2017
    Unique foosball venue

    This place has two foosball and three ping-pong tables- drinks are available though the setting is less bar and more sport; Sunday nights have pickup games for foosball and they use a coffee can to pick teams and positions.