• Ottawa Foosball Association
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  • Winter League 2012
    Free jerseys to new players
    50% discount to new players
    Women play for FREE

    The foosball league plays on Wednesday nights from 8:00 to 10~10:30. It starts on Oct 10 2012 and runs for 16 weeks + one week of playoffs finishing in February 2013.
    Teams of three players will play a several different types of games: Singles, Doubles, Roto Doubles, Two Ball Rollerball and Specialty Singles. Each game will earn the team points which determine the winner for the night.
    Here is the league format:
    - 3 person Teams
    - Tier format with teams moving up and down every week or every other week.
    - $80 league fee. $40 for new players.
    - Playoffs at the end of the season.
    - Year end party with food and BEvERages
    - Cash prizes for winning the league and the playoffs.
    - Teams can join any week

    Check out the forum for the discussion on the league.

    OFA Leagues General Info
    OFA offers three leagues a year: spring, summer and winter. The spring and summer leagues are more recreational while the winter league has higher stakes. OFA uses a tiered structure so that new players play against similar strength teams while allowing for the pros to battle it out against each other for top spot.

    The league plays on Wednesday nights at 8:00. New players get a 50% discount their first league and as in all OFA events, women play for free.